Formatting of bachelor / master thesis

Nobody doubts that the first impression is important. Sometimes it is strong enough that no matter how hard you try, you will not change it or get the opportunity to change it. This can also be the case when the supervisor opens your bachelor / master thesis (either in print or in electronic form) and displays completely jumbled text, spreadsheets, handwritten page content, or green underline at the end of the line that you have vehemently tried to get the clutch or preposition on the next line.

You don’t want to look like a complete layman and an amateur! You write a scientific work that has its own laws, and one of them is formal adjustment. Even if you were told that the quality of topic processing plays a major role, and your own work benefits, so (even if it is true), the inability to edit the text to a delightful eye may indicate that you either didn’t get too busy doing it It does not matter to you how your work looks or does not matter how you present your bachelor / master thesis to others. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to arrange a mortgage from someone sitting behind a desk in a tracksuit. And with the adjustment of the final thesis it is similar. Thanks to the correct formalization, the text will be modified at first glance.

It is not worth believing that your discoveries, research findings, or brilliant work with resources in your bachelor / master thesis overshadow the outrageous treatment. The truth is that not all schools work with MS Word, not every supervisor will take the time to explain it to you, and not all tutorials on the internet are understandable and understandable. In addition, each version of MS Word is somewhat different. While doing the few basic procedures and methods of working with formatting is a matter that will take you literally a few minutes. And it’s not just writing a thesis where it is worth formatting your text. Even your future employer will appreciate that all the work they see from you will have the appropriate formal level.

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