How to prevent procrastination when writing a bachelor / master thesis?

Perhaps everyone who has faced the task of “writing a bachelor / master thesis” in their studies has faced to some extent the so-called procrastination – the urge to postpone the work. We all know it: suddenly it is necessary to go shopping (in the fridge is empty), to vacuum (the mess is no longer able to delay), immediately pour the flowers (otherwise in 5 minutes irreversibly die), go for a run (then it will definitely write better). And the 8 weeks left to do is still a lot of time… Finally, every student (sooner or later) goes into writing, but it is clear that the less time is spent on the final thesis, the worse it is with the great probability will be.

There is no general guidance on how to “compose” writing, everything is individual and it depends on the individual. It is very beneficial to “dismember” the work – to divide it into smaller sections, to set smaller goals – for example, writing 80 pages will not be so impossible when at least 10 sheets are written every week. Much depends on the supervisor – if he / she is experienced, he / she supervises his / her students, requests sub-sections each week, consults, directs, encourages them. However, even if the supervisor is more passive, it is worthwhile to proceed as if it were mandatory to write at least something every week – the student should therefore set clear deadlines and follow them.

Procrastination is not laziness, it is just a concern about a task that may seem uncomfortable. However, nothing is solved by postponing, the result is only physical and mental exhaustion after everything is catching up at the last minute. So, start writing. Now.

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